Light, shadows, simplicity,  modesty, authenticity. Words synonymous with who Vangelis Paterakis is. His work, though large, is exact, faithful to geometry and the light.

Vangelis Paterakis was born in Piraeus. From the moment he discovered the power of photography he has followed it faithfully. He is a dreamer, and it is very easy for him to distinguish something that for some others might be invisible: a new point of view, the lighting in an image. With his camera he captures the moment, the feeling, the dreamy reality.

International photographer based in Greece, he has covered the market of architectural, design, hotel and food photography.

His main clients are hotel brands such as Hilton, Aman Resort, Sofitel, Radisson Blu, Grecotel, as well as successful architects.

His work has been published by well-known publishers, as you can find it in international magazines such as Wallpaper, Architectural Digest, Andrew Martin – Interior Design Review, Taschen, J.J. Magazine, Yatzer.

Α restless spirit, constantly in an artistic pursuit, he did not hesitate to find yet another creative path to express himself. His trips to Cuba and Japan became sources of inspiration and cause for his first individual painting exhibition, titled “Virtual World”. Similarly, his famous moving figures in his photoshoots, led him to his first individual photograph exhibition, “Shadows” and then the second part of it, “Shadow Life”. An image from “Shadows” was chosen by the National Theatre of London for a play by Caryl Churchill in 2015, “Here We Go”. He has also participated in various group exhibitions with other artists and photographers.

His artistry continues through photography, an occupation that will never stop being a crucial part of his life.

Professionally, architectural photography is what expresses him most. Personally, it satisfies him to depict emotions with his camera, wherever he may encounter them.

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